Blue River Drilling SA is a family run business that is passionate about all things water. We have established ourselves as a leading borehole driller in Gauteng and offer a professional borehole drilling service. Our services also include pump and tank installations, filtration and borehole maintenance. Our experience in the water supply industry spans over more than 20 years. We have a range of solutions to meet your requirements.

BRD SA aims to provide turnkey water solutions to meet your water supply needs underpinned by our commitment to honesty and integrity. Our services are backed by superior products provided by industry leaders. Solutions are tailor made thus ensuring reliable and sustainable water supply systems.

We are a registered member of the Borehole Water Association of South Africa

Who We Are

Blue River Drilling SA is a family business managed by two people, Brian and Betty, who are very passionate about water and believe in its integral ability to change lives. We provide water solutions to the domestic and commercial markets. The company brings with it over 50 years of cumulative experience and expertise and works within the framework of international best practices.

Mini Drill Rig Borehole Drilling

Our Mission

Access to clean water is a constitutional right and our mission is to ensure that no person is deprived of this fundamental human right. Access to water provides opportunities and our mission is to realise these opportunities for all the citizens of South Africa.

Why Choose Us

What sets us apart from the rest is our passion for water and ongoing search for better and more efficient technologies that will bring this precious resource closer to home. The Armadillo is our specially formulated drill rig designed and built to take on the harsh and challenging conditions of the African continent. We can access just about any part of your property  unlike the traditional big rigs. This significantly increases your chance of finding water on your property. We  keep our finger on the pulse of the drilling industry and  constantly add new ideas and technologies to improve our product and service to you. Our Armadillo is constantly evolving and adapting to bring better and more robust solutions to the borehole drilling industry.

Our design team will assist with the design of water supply systems for irrigation, community water supply or any other requirement.


We provide a Turnkey solution for your water supply needs. We are able to provide your complete groundwater solutions including geophysical ground exploration services, geothermal drilling, earthing hole drilling and fence pole drilling (auger) as well as water quality and yield  testing.

Our product range includes hand pumps, electrical pumps, diesel driven pumps and solar pumps.

Borehole Drilling

Blue River Drilling SA offers a turnkey solution for all you domestic and commercial borehole drilling requirements. Considering the escalating water costs, drilling a borehole for a domestic home...

Pump & Tank Installation

In need of a new borehole pump? We have a range of products and solutions that will provide for your home or business water needs. Regular water cuts and water shedding are becoming regular occurrences...

Water Quality Testing and Filtration Systems

With the declining infrastructure in our water treatment plants clean drinking water is becoming increasingly difficult to guarantee. A water filtration system will give you the peace of mind you need for you...

Borehole Siting & Survey

We encourage clients to make use of the services of a professional water surveyor before drilling a borehole. Experience has shown that one has a better chance of striking blue when doing a survey than if left to chance...

Borehole Rehabilitation

In some instances it may be more economical to repair a existing borehole than to drill a new borehole.

Construction Drilling: Solar, Piling & Fencing

The mini drill rig is ideal for those construction jobs where access is limited. The mini drill rig is also cost effective compared to the large rigs and equipment used on construction sites.


Our Drilling equipment is compact so it can easily access those hard to reach places which conventional drilling machines are unable to. We go where the water is. The size of the rig means minimal damage to property and surrounding areas. It has low noise levels and is fairly unobtrusive. The drilling rig is mounted on a small skid steer loader (bobcat). The machine is capable of drilling 6.5 inch boreholes to a depth of about 140 m. It is also able to drill through hard rock such as granite and dolomite. Our process is environmentally friendly with very low ground impact.

Technical Data

Height of Mast: 4.3m
Stroke of cylinder: NA
Weight on bobcat: 3 562 kg
Max. Drill Depth: 140 m
Max. torque on drive shaft: 3 000 NM
Access Width: 2m
Access Height: 2m