Borehole Rehabilitation

Part of the services we offer is a comprehensive assessment of an existing borehole. Given the high cost of a new borehole, one might want to rehabilitate an existing borehole. Our assessment includes the testing of the borehole equipment and the structure of the borehole. A thorough assessment will determine whether the existing borehole is viable or not.

The assessment of the equipment will look at the condition of the borehole pump, tank and booster pump. In many cases the borehole equipment is no longer in working order and will need to be replaced. Before we replace the equipment we will need to do an assessment of the borehole structure as well as measuring the flow or yield.

To determine the integrity of the borehole we will insert an inspection camera. The camera will show if the surrounding walls of the borehole are still intact. We look for signs of collapse and/or corrosion. In the event that the walls of the borehole shows signs of collapse we will recommend that the borehole be fully cased. There is a high risk of losing the borehole equipment in a hole that shows signs of collapse.

The viability of an existing borehole is also determined by the flow of the water into the borehole. A yield test will provide information regarding the flow. We can then make a recommendation on whether to equip the hole or not.  In the case where the borehole is still viable, we can then also advise on the correct pumping equipment.

In the case of a dry borehole we would recommend a geological survey to determine the viability of drilling deeper. If it is viable, we are able to drill the hole deeper in order to access the deeper breaks, fissures or aquifers. Many old boreholes were not drilled very deep and with the recent droughts and climate change, these boreholes have run dry. Drilling a borehole deeper can improve the flow of the borehole and bring it back to life.

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