Borehole Pump & Tank Installations

In need of a new borehole pump? We have a range of products and solutions that will provide for your home or business water needs. Regular water cuts and water shedding are becoming regular occurrences. Aging water infrastructure and ongoing maintenance needs often result in regular water cuts. This results in water shedding which  is the reduction in water pressure to prevent damage to infrastructure. Clearly this is becoming the order of the day. Today's homes and businesses are looking for ways to secure their water supply. Revitalising your old borehole system or installing back up water tanks will ensure that you are not left high and dry the next time the taps are turned off.

We offer turnkey solutions that take water from your borehole or tank directly to your home and/or irrigation system. With a turn of the tap we ensure instant water supply. Our professional workmanship and superior products offer a reliable and lasting water system.