Water Quality Testing and Filtration Systems

With the declining infrastructure in our water treatment plants, clean drinking water is becoming increasingly difficult to guarantee. A water filtration system will give you the peace of mind you need for you and your family. Filtration systems disinfect and remove contaminants from your water supply. They address problems such as corrosiveness, hardness, heavy metals and organic contaminants.

At Blue River Drilling SA will collect the sample and have it analysed by our SANAS accredited laboratory. The water sample parameters are tested according to the SANAS 241:2011 standards.

Before installing a filtration system it is important to do a water quality test. At Blue River Drilling SA we take a water sample from your borehole and send it to a SANAS accredited laboratory where a full potable water analysis is done. The standard that we use for water sampling is the SANS 0241 – National Drinking Water Standard in which the Physical/Aesthetic, Chemical and Biological parameters are tested. We then do an analysis of these parameters and provide you with a detailed report of your borehole water. On the basis of this report we provide recommendation for your filtration system.

It is recommended that a water quality test be done on an annual basis so as to ensure that it remains safe to use your borehole.

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The filtration system installed should address the problem parameters before the water is used in the house or garden. Basic filtration will include:
- Sand Filter for sediment
- 20" Triple Big Blue Filter System for sediment, colour and odour
- 55 Watt UV Light for disinfectant

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