About Us

Blue River Drilling SA is a family business spearheaded and managed by Brian and Betty Barry. The Blue River Drilling SA roots go as far back as July 1997 when Brian patented a handpump to be used in the rural areas of Southern Africa. The dream was always to be a formidable force in the water supply industry both locally and in neighbouring countries. From humble beginnings the dream took the husband and wife team on an exciting journey through the water supply industry which contributed to their wealth of knowledge and expertise, particularly within the African context. Today Blue River Drilling SA considers itself a leading borehole drilling company that offers turnkey water solutions for all your water requirements. The company settled in the town of Germiston on the East Rand and has operated from the same premises for over 20 years. We service both the domestic and commercial markets in the Gauteng region.

Blue River Drilling SA was founded on the blocks of superior knowledge, expertise, honesty and integrity. The experience gained over more than 20 years puts the company at an excellent vantage point for advising and designing your domestic or commercial borehole water project. With sound knowledge of the available products and services in the water industry, Blue River Drilling SA can provide reliable and trustworthy input into your water project. All decisions made come from a point of honesty and integrity as we believe a sound water supply system can provide years of sustainable and cost effective service. We consult closely with our clients to design turnkey solutions that best meet your water supply needs. Our design team will assist with the design of your water supply system for both gardening, irrigation and household use. Our services include the borehole drilling and equipping of the borehole. We also do water testing and filtration. We offer ongoing maintenance services for boreholes and filtration systems.

The predominant feature of the Blue River Drilling SA operation is the unique drilling rig. Brian always had the idea that drilling for domestic and commercial boreholes did not require the huge, heavy and cumbersome equipment that was being used for borehole drilling. He trawled the internet until he came upon a drill rig that was an attachment to a skid steer loader. He immediately recognised this as the answer to his searching. The machine was imported from the United States but on its maiden drill it was clear that this piece of equipment was in no way designed for the African condition. With a vast wealth of knowledge gained through years of operating in the harsh and unforgiving African conditions Brian applied his knowledge and re-engineered the drill attachment. From these early designs and redesigns the Armadillo MKI was created, also known as the AK47 due to its persistence and tenacity. The first rig drilled solidly for 5 years, almost every day.  As new challenges were encountered, new ideas formulated and in 2018 the Armadillo MKII was built and still continues to work, every day, without fail. Armadillo MKIII is in the production phase and will be available to be sold to aspiring drilling contractors. The machine is tried and tested and it is ready to be unleashed on the African market and beyond.

The Armadillo is compact and can easily access those parts of your property that are inaccessible to the conventional larger rigs. Our drilling process is low impact resulting in less environmental impact and damage to your property. There is no need to take down walls, move trees or disrupt your garden with the equipment we use. We can access just about any part of your property unlike the traditional heavy duty rigs that are confined to drill in your driveway. The success of finding water is that much reduced if one is confined to drilling on the driveway. We bring the water to you at an optimal point that is close to your nearest electrical point and water mains. This reduces the cost of laying metres of cabling and pipe works.

Blue River Drilling SA brings with it a rich history of experience in the water supply industry. It was established in 1997 under the name of BRD Engineering and Contracting. In those early years of the 1990s and 2000s the main focus of the company was rural water supply. We manufactured our own rural water handpump and installed in rural areas. BRD SA worked hand in hand with well known NGOs like Oxfam, CARE and UNICEF to bring much needed safe, potable water to poverty stricken and inaccessible communities.

BRD Engineering was intrinsically involved in bringing solutions to rural water supply in South Africa, Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia and Angola. We developed a keen appreciation for the importance of sustainable water supply while working in these basic, and sometimes difficult conditions. Potable water provision is the cornerstone of healthy and economically viable communities.

Today BRD SA provides water solutions to the domestic and commercial markets. The company brings with it all the experience and expertise from the early days and works within the framework of international standards. In the light of the recent water crisis Blue River Drilling SA strives to bring reliable, safe water to its clients.

Our Mission

The looming water crisis makes it imperative that people secure their own water source and drilling a borehole offers the client an opportunity to get off the grid. Blue River Drilling’s vision is to be a key player in assisting homes and businesses to achieve this. We aim to do this by pooling together a wealth of skill and expertise supported by best practices and a commitment to working in an honest and transparent manner.

Why Choose Us

With so many contractors available on the borehole drilling market why choose us? As a dedicated family business we put honesty and integrity first. In an industry fraught with half truths and disappointments we are committed to giving you the full picture so that you can make the best decision for what can be one of the most important investment decisions for you home. A borehole is an investment that increases the value of your property. You want to be sure that you have made the right decision and with transparent consultation and straightforward honesty we make sure you have all the necessary information at your disposal.

A borehole offers you peace of mind which cannot be measured in monetary terms. If you are considering a borehole then let us be your preferred supplier for all your borehole drilling needs.


  1. Water testing is imperative in determining the safety of your water supply. Water testing should be done on a regular basis.