Construction - Piling, Solar Stand holes & Fence Holes

Blue River Drilling SA offers a turnkey solution to all you domestic and commercial borehole drilling requirements. Considering the escalating water costs, drilling a borehole for a domestic home or commercial property is becoming a more viable and cost effective solution for water supply. Keeping your garden green all year round without relying on municipal water is one of the benefits of installing a borehole on your property. Irrigating your garden from a borehole helps to reduce your carbon footprint. Huge amounts of coal are burnt to lift water from dams and rivers and treat this water only to have it end up on your lawn and flowerbeds. The cost of sewage disposal is calculated on the basis of how much water you use. By using borehole water to irrigate your garden, fill your pool and water features and wash your car, you avoid paying the double tariff. Borehole water can provide you with clean, fresh water that has many uses around your home or business. Our Drilling equipment is compact so it can easily access those hard to reach places which conventional drilling machines are unable to do so. We go where the water is. The size of the rig means that minimises damage to property and surrounding areas. It has low noise levels and is fairly unobtrusive. The drilling rig is mounted on a small skid steer loader (bobcat). The machine is capable of drilling 6.5 inch boreholes to a depth of about 120 m. It is also able to drill through hard rock. Our process is environmentally friendly with very low ground impact.